Acquisitions/Buying a Business

A business may be grown either by organic growth, or by acquiring another business. Euro-Phoenix helps with both. (See our section on Greenfield Services). We can also help assess the pros and cons of expanding via acquisition versus greenfield.

Acquiring a company may be a highly effective way to expand geographically, acquire skills or intellectual property, vertically integrate, or create synergies from horizontal integration. Euro-Phoenix has accumulated valuable experience in calculating synergies.

Compared to organic growth, an acquisition has the advantage of buying things that are “ready made”, such as market share, clientele, staff, intellectual property, equipment and real estate. Hence, growth can be much faster. One needs to assess the strength of the assets acquired, versus their cost, and compare to the cost and timeline of greenfield growth.

Services performed by Euro-Phoenix with respect to acquisitions include:
  • Systematic search for acquisition targets fulfilling specific criteria within a geographic area;
  • Due diligence and valuation of target company;
  • Negotiation support and transaction structuring, assistance with closing.

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