Selling a Company

Sellling a Company

Any decision to sell a company should be soundly rooted in strategy, with clear objectives established. Hence, we do our best to understand our clients’ objectives and help develop strategy prior to commencing any transaction. (Please also refer to the previous section, Business Exit Planning). Only by clearly defining objectives can we, as advisors, maximally support our clients.

Euro-Phoenix distinguishes itself in the following ways when selling companies and raising capital:
  • We go to greater lengths than most of our competitors to prepare companies prior to commencing a transaction. We are global thought leaders in the area of Business Exit Planning;
  • We underscore the importance of information disclosure to potential investors. We often run through dozens of drafts of Teaser and Information Memorandum, and polish our presentations so as to put the company’s best foot forward. There is an art to walking a fine line: effective marketing (dressing up the bride), while maintaining full, true and plain disclosure towards investors;
  • We typically contact a very wide range of investors, doing everything possible to create a competitive process, whereby multiple bids are received. When appropriate, we contact hundreds of potential investors in the sale of a single company. We have an extensive proprietary database of many thousands of investors, and perform additional research and use our network of dozens of financial advisors and lawyers to identify investors;
  • We carefully manage the flow of information, particularly confidential information, to minimize risk to sellers;
  • We are strong negotiators, and skilled at transaction structuring.
We believe our staff’s track record — involvement in over 200 successfully closed transactions —speaks for itself.

Have you been approached by a Buyer?

Sometimes opportunity literally knocks on your door. Should you entertain such an opportunity or accept an offer? How can you know whether the offer made by an investor is the best you can achieve, if there is only one offer on the table?

In situations like this, Euro-Phoenix is prepared to react with extreme rapidity to advise owners and management and to provide our assessment on fairness of the valuation, possibly even generate alternative bids.

Just because there might be an offer on the table doesn’t mean that the deal is done. There is still a huge amount of work to be done with due diligence, data room, negotiations, etc. Allow the experts to guide you through the pitfalls.

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