About us

Euro-Phoenix specializes in corporate finance and Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) for mid-sized companies (i.e. minimum transaction values typically exceeding 10 million euros or dollars).  
  • To sellers of companies, we offer a full range of investment banking services—exit planning, valuation, preparation of information for investors (teaser, information memorandum, data room), running competitive processes, structuring, negotiating and closing transactions.
  • To buyers of companies we also offer full investment banking service—including assistance with strategy, identification of targets, due diligence, valuation, structuring, negotiating and closing transactions.
We also assist with establishing greenfield operations, mergers, joint ventures, working with Governments and donor organizations in Private Sector Development, including privatization and Public Private Partnerships (PPP’s).

Our greatest strengths

  • Competitive situations.  Whether on the sell side or buy side, we excel at creating competition to serve the interest of our clients. Our global reach helps to generate more options for our clients, particularly when searching for investors; by bringing more investors, we increase competitiveness of processes.
  • Strong negotiators.  Our CEO has taught international negotiations at major universities, from Georgetown (Washington DC) to Skolkovo (Moscow).  We have a fusion of experience culled from negotiating hundreds of transactions with a solid academic foundation.
  • Developing relationships and negotiating cross-border and cross-cultural situations. We have represented numerous North American, European and Asian firms in transcontinental transactions, and have also had extensive experience in Africa.
  • We minimize the interface of our clients with junior staff;  while delegating extensively within Euro-Phoenix, our CEO personally manages every client relationship, reviews all major deliverables, and is present at all major negotiations.  In this way, we virtually assure 100% client satisfaction. Very few mid-market corporate finance firms are in a position to offer this degree of seniority and experience in project management.
  • Business Exit Planning. Euro-Phoenix typically gets involved with its clients well prior to engaging in any kind of exit process, helping to prepare a company and its owners. We have developed a globally unique and competitive expertise in this area. For more information please click here.
  • Independence. Unlike most firms in our industry, we are fully independent. We do not invest our own capital into transactions, underwrite, manage investments, trade securities, nor provide audits, which permits us to provide completely objective advice. We are focused solely on advisory activities.
With presence in the US, UK and Hungary, Euro-Phoenix staff has experience in transactions and mandates covering 45 countries throughout the world, and has been involved in successfully closing over 200 transactions.

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