Sale of czech medical company

Euro-Phoenix conducted a highly professional process in the sale of our company:

  • Preparation. We were thoroughly briefed on the process of selling our company and what to anticipate. Mr. Nemethy’s book on Business Exit Planning, also greatly assisted us in this regard. Euro-Phoenix accurately anticipated several issues that subsequently became issues for investors (e.g. organization structure, our Russian affiliates, etc.) and helped to prepare us for these issues, to make them more manageable for investors.
  • Objectives. From the preparation process it became apparent that our five shareholders had very different objectives. Euro-Phoenix kept these different objectives in mind throughout the process, and structured a transaction and solution that more than satisfied all five shareholders.
  • Information disclosure. The quality of information disclosure which Euro-Phoenix helped us prepare was superb. Many of the investors who received the information memorandum gave us high compliments. Euro-Phoenix also helped us disclose just the right amount of information at the right time, to protect confidentiality of our information.
  • Competitive process. Euro-Phoenix ran a highly proactive and competitive process, contacting over 150 potential investors, and receiving numerous offers. They helped us obtain improved second and third bids from most investors who submitted offers.
  • Customer orientation. Ultimately, Euro-Phoenix was there for us, whenever we needed them— always on call, even evenings or weekends, never missing a meeting or phone call.
We would recommend Euro-Phoenix to any owner of a mid-sized company, considering a company sale or attracting a financial or strategic investor.

– Miroslav Ryska, former owner and CEO of Quinta Analytica, 2017

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