Jacques Peyrusaubes Executive Director

Peyrusaubes has over 38 years experience in the energy sector in both France and Hungary. He was CEO of Electricité de France in Hungary from 1996 to 2000, running two electricity distribution companies and the development of the EDF Group in Hungary. He was involved in the acquisition of a power plant.

He has been associated with Euro-Phoenix since 2001. Mr. Peyrusaubes worked on numerous projects with Accor, EDF and GDF, and provided support to Euro-Phoenix’s project supporting privatization of Algerian companies.

Mr. Peyrusaubes is past President of the French Chamber of Commerce in Hungary and former president of the Committee of Foreign Trade Advisers of France in Hungary.

He holds a civil engineering diploma from École Nationale Supérieure des Mines (Saint-Etienne).

Mr. Peyrusaubes was decorated with the Legion of Honor, the highest honorary decoration in France. He is also an officer of the National Order of Merit.

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