Les Nemethy CEO

Over 34 years experience in M&A, investment banking, corporate finance, having successfully closed over 200 M&A transactions.

Les Nemethy began his career working for McMillan LLP, a leading Canadian law firm, and Scotia McLeod, a leading Canadian investment bank, where he worked on numerous Mergers & Acquisitions, Initial Public Offerings, valuations and transactions.

As an Undersecretary of State for Hungary, Mr. Nemethy managed all transactions occurring in the Hungarian Privatization Agency. He was responsible for a staff of 150 and approximately $1 billion of annual privatization revenues.

As a Senior Private Sector Development Specialist at the World Bank, Mr. Nemethy worked in 33 countries developing privatization programs, reforming regulatory structures and attracting investment capital to sectors including heavy industry, mining, energy, telecommunications, transportation, and capital markets.

Mr. Nemethy also served as CEO of was at the time the second Hungarian telecom operator, Matel Ltd., which today is Invitel.In 1999 Mr. Nemethy founded Euro-Phoenix and has since managed transactions in nearly every Central and Eastern European country, and four continents.Mr. Nemethy holds degrees in Law, Economics, Political Science and a Masters of Business Administration from leading universities in Canada.

Mr. Nemethy is past President of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hungary. He speaks English, Hungarian, French, Russian, German and Spanish.

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